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I first started blogging in 2000 on a platform called Livejournal. It seems like blogging has had a bad decade as Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and other platforms have become the norm. But I think blogging is back now — straight to your inbox.

Writing has always helped me think. So that is what this will be: a place for me to think in public about anything that interests me and my work.

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Thinking in Public is a forum where I can test out unfinished ideas and learn from the process. I have no idea what kinds of things we might try as a community of subscribers, by I like the idea.

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VC, Trim Tabs, Human Nature, Technology, and Games


VC at Alsop Louie Partners, Co-Founder of Dent...it's a bit like being a futurist with a gambling problem. We need to redefine our relationship with entertainment, social technology, and our bodies (as we become cyborgs).